Stainless Steel Mills

NCPA has successfully designed, manufactured and commissioned the world’s first trunnion supported, fully stainless steel grinding mill. A project so unique we had to share some detail.

NCPA collaborated with the client to design and deliver a machine that met, if not exceeded, their specific requirements. The product is a work of tailor made engineering, and a world first.
To manage this application effectively and efficiently, NCP’s iteration of grinding mill technology was introduced into the processing stream. The mill was designed by NCPA’s team of engineers to offer strong resistance to the extreme, low pH conditions of the acid in a raffinate solution

Many factors contributed to the surety of the materials, compounds and surfaces. These factors included various testing, and precise material developments. Many aspects of the ancillary equipment were also improved in order to provide robust and lengthened operating life.

Key Features include:

  • Duplex stainless steel mill shell and ends
  • Stainless Steel girth gear guard
  • Specifically designed main trunnion bearings and stainless steel wetted area protection for low pH conditions
  • Fully fabricated, stainless steel feed chute
  • Liners designed for corrosion resistance
  • All sealants and rubber compounds tested for low pH suitability